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Web Application Security

Among the different types of computer applications, web applications are unusually exposed to attacks by hackers. First, they must be connected to the internet, making them an easily reachable target. Hackers prefer to sit thousands of miles away, preferably in a place with no extradition to the U.S., while compromising your web application security completely uninhibited.

How does hacking work?

Many things in life are the victims of “Hollywood education”, where things as shown in movies and tv shows don’t work that way in the real world. For example, in Hollywood cars burst into flames and spectacular explosions in mid-air, for no apparent reason. In real life, car crashes only occasionally cause fires, and then only after impact. In this blog, we'll discuss two common misconceptions associated with hacking and shed some light on how hacking works.

DoD CSSP: A Unique Component of Defense–in–Depth Strategy

The Pentagon's request for more funding is $800 million more than what the Pentagon wanted last year and includes investments in zero trust architecture and support to the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). This request also includes adding five cyber mission force teams for a total of 142 teams, according to budget documents.

There is no surprise that they are requesting billions of dollars for cyberspace activities in its fiscal 2023 budget. The need for more funding is for various efforts, including increasing cybersecurity support for defense contractors, hardening its own networks, operationalizing zero trust architecture, and for “cyber ranges” much like rifle ranges, but for all things digital. The Pentagon investing to improve readiness in the nation’s cyber force by funding cyber ranges to enable training and exercises in the cyber domain. Finally, the budget lays the foundation for U.S. Cyber Command to have ownership of the mission and resources of the cyber mission force beginning in FY24 as directed in the FY22 NDAA.

Cloud Infrastructure Design

Securely Break Down the Wall Between Development and Operations with CI/CD


Cloud-based IT infrastructures drive nearly every aspect of your business, from an employee’s work-from-home environment to ensuring goods and services are sold and delivered. When adequately designed, your cloud infrastructure can be continuously optimized to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and improve communications.

In today’s uncertain business environment, you need to move quickly to seize opportunities ahead of the competition. The ability to develop and launch solutions to market with speed lies in the power of modern release pipelines. Modern release data pipelines allow development teams to deploy new features fast and safely.

AI and Cybersecurity

Both the AI and cybersecurity fields have grown at a rapid pace in recent years and with that growth, significant overlap between the two technologies. Ethical challenges and questions of how these two fields can work together have also come up. While both of these technologies have their own advantages and limitations, it's important to assess how they may affect each other when combined.


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