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3 Must-Have Certs for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is shaking up the economy in a way similar to how the emergence of the Internet shook up the economy in the late 90s and early 00s. Cloud computing is changing how we work and interact with business and government; as a result, there are many job opportunities in this field.

Top 5 Considerations in Choosing Networking Solutions

A Juniper TechTarget White Paper

IT and network decision-makers are under growing pressure to modernize their data center or cloud network infrastructures.As business requirements continue to evolve, networks need to become more agile, reliable, secure, cost-efficient and simpler to manage. Those responsible for building and operating these networks must have flexibility and choice in deploying solutions that address the challenges of their specific environments.

Cloud Planning, Design and Optimization with Burstorm

Cloud is quickly becoming an IT “religion” with many designers and thought leaders claiming their choice is the best.   As the next infrastructure strategy is planned, there are thousands of potential providers across tens of thousands of locations creating trillions of potential combinations in the global market today.   

Implementing ITIL in the Cloud


How do you implement ITIL in the cloud? How do you use the ITIL framework to manage the cloud? 

There seems to be great interest in deploying IT service management tools in the cloud, and ITIL can be adapted to continue to manage IT, regardless of the platform.

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