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Your Network is Already Compromised, What Now?

The answer lies in network visibility. By providing you with insight into your attackers’ behaviors and location within your environment, network visibility can help you prevent a security event from becoming a full-blown data breach.

Finding the Right Cisco Path

Whether you are new to Cisco, or ready to advance your existing skills, New Horizons Learning Group provides the necessary training to achieve Cisco certification. Our hands-on lab environments allow students to experience real-life scenarios during their Cisco training that can easily carry over to on-the-job skills. As a Cisco-Authorized training partner, New Horizons Learning Group is a trusted training provider of Cisco technologies. Learn more about our Cisco certification training here.

Ten Things to Consider Before Jumping into the Cloud

Keeping these ten steps in mind will help organizations deliver even greater outcomes when looking for an efficient cloud-centric procurement process

3 Reasons Cloud Migrations Fail and What You Can Do About It

Cloud training and certification can prepare you for a successful migration

As cloud computing has become more popular, many companies have come to take the migration process for granted. However, moving various apps and services into a cloud environment still presents numerous challenges, especially as every cloud is a little bit different. With major vendors, such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon all offering their own ecosystems, every cloud migration ends up being distinct from the one that came before. Companies can't afford to take a transition to the cloud for granted, and must instead plan carefully and train staff to handle any challenges that may arise.

23 Cloud Security Best Practices

1. Establish SLAs in the Contract, Including in the Cases of Security Incidents

2. Provide the Security Architecture Drawing

3. Have Specialized Protections for the Perimeter


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