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Skill & Certifications That Will Earn You The Most in 2018

Technology like AWS and crisc are paying well - but #1 might surprise you

Technology is rapidly advancing, with more sophisticated hardware and software emerging on a regular basis. These assets were seen to bring a number of critical benefits, but the increasing complexity is making it more difficult for employees to leverage new technology effectively. Employers are increasingly looking for talented individuals with the right skills and knowledge, and the amount they're willing to pay for these capabilities is on the rise.

3 Reasons to Brush Up On Your Mobile Device Management Skills

More devices are interconnected than ever - they need to be secured and managed

 Over the last decade, Mobile Device Management (MDM) has evolved from a novelty into a necessity for organizations. The reason for the shift is readily apparent: smartphones, tablets, and wearables have become fixtures of the work experience, playing a much more prominent role than the staples of yesteryear (e.g., personal digital assistants, pagers, and BlackBerry phones) ever did.

Community Partners Band Together to Help Los Angeles Veterans Get Back to Work

Eight Veterans Have Been Selected to Participate

BURBANK, CA – The Veteran Employment Program of Goodwill Southern California and New Horizons Career Development Solutions have partnered together to help eight elite veterans transition into civilian employment through education, training, and job placement services.

3 Critical Skills That Employers are Looking For in Tech Professionals

What you'll need to surpass employer expectations

Demand for tech professionals continues to climb. New technologies, emerging cyber threats and other trends are providing more opportunities than ever for applicants to demonstrate their expertise and prove why they would be the best fit for a particular position. However, staying stagnant too long in the tech industry can negatively impact your appeal to employers.

How to Choose a Certification for Your Tech Career

While assessing certification paths can seen intimidating, there are a few questions you should keep in mind

Selecting an IT certification for your career can be like trying to pick out a new pair of shoes from the many options available in a shoe warehouse. Where do you start? How do you narrow down the range of acceptable choices?


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