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What's the big deal with VMware's vSphere 7 upgrade?

In the weeks before COVID quarantined our households, VMware announced vSphere 7. Its release marks the most significant enhancements to vSphere in over a decade, bringing network administrators and developers alike a unified cloud platform that is optimized to build, run, and manage modern applications. In case you were too focused on Tiger King, we've summarized whats new, why it matters and how this can help your organization.

4 Steps to Analyzing Your Organizational Training Needs

In speaking with a lot of different organizations and government bodies about training on a daily basis, each one approaches this topic differently. But they tend to fall into two categories when it comes to employee development: reactive or proactive. While there is always a need for “as needed” training, the most successful are preparing their training plans well in advance. As such, I consistently coach my clients to be proactive in identifying current and future goals for their skilled employee base. This is the reason New Horizons developed a free resource that helps organizations align their training plans to the actual needs and wants of their employees.

How Business-IT Alignment Helps Organizations Win During Disruption

Enterprises win in the face of disruption through business-IT alignment, anticipation, and the ability to emerge stronger than before. Optimizing for stability is unrealistic. Not only are there grave threats during moments of crisis, but there can be missed opportunities for growth if you don't anticipate them. According to a recent report from Gartner, 90% of enterprises have experienced a turn/disruption. Everyone goes through it. So have no fear. Changing conditions are ripe for visionaries to clear a path for innovation. If you face it right.

Keys to a Successful RPA Implementation in Manufacturing Automation

Many manufacturers have started to explore RPA implementation as a means to automate work processes for various departments. The business benefits from RPA (Robotic Process Automation) come in several forms; cost savings, accuracy, throughput, perfect compliance to regulations, matching audit requirements, and so on. Although the number of companies that have started RPA journeys has exponentially increased, there are only a handful that have been able to fully realize the benefits of RPA through successful implementations.

Employee Certification or Employee Skills?

What's better for increased business performance: employee certification or employee skills? Recently the founder of a leadership company asked me that question, and I wanted to expand on this topic because it's an important one that business executives are always debating. You may find yourself in a position to move a very skilled employee up within the organization, but are there certificates they need for you to be comfortable with that decision. Or reverse that, if someone comes to your company with acronyms and alphabet soup after their name and a portfolio of certificates looking for hire, does that mean they have the skills to do what you need them to do?


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