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Your Next PowerPoint Presentation Made Quick and Easy

Your Next PowerPoint Presentation Made Quick and Easy

If you create PowerPoint presentations frequently in your role, you know that creating a presentation that's professional and engaging can take up a TON of time.

PowerPoint is no different from any other Microsoft program in that it has a whole "secret menu" of hacks that the average user doesn't know about or take advantage of. We've listed our top Microsoft PowerPoint hacks here.

Read on to save time making your next presentation clean, professional, and interesting to watch.

  • Master Presentations with the Slide Master

    If you don't know about PowerPoint Slide Master yet, prepare to be blown away. Gone are the days of combing through your PowerPoint slide by slide to make sure all of your colors, layouts, fonts, and graphics are consistent. PowerPoint's Slide Master is your one-stop-shop for setting your overall design theme and style so you can focus on filling up your presentation with great content. Access the Slide Master feature by clicking View and then selecting Slide Master. When you choose your design settings, those settings will apply to all of your other slides.

  • Use SmartArt to Easily Edit Photos and Bullet Points
    SmartArt is a great, new-ish PowerPoint feature that helps you arrange photos and other design elements in a way that is visually pleasing.  To use this feature on a group of photos, hold Ctrl and select each image, select Format underneath the Pictures Tool, select Picture Format, and then choose from all of the different SmartArt layouts. You can also apply SmartArt's eye for design to your bullet points by selecting them all with your mouse, going to Home, and choosing the Convert to SmartArt option.

  • Your Best Friend: Object Alignment
    Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint can both be difficult to work with when you're trying to make sure your texts and images correctly align, but the Align tool takes the pain out of this process. To use it, click on the objects that need to be aligned, under the Format tab, choose Align to see all of the different alignment options.

    Create interesting, memorable presentations with the New Horizons Microsoft PowerPoint Tips & Tricks Guide >

The next time you find yourself needing to create a captivating, dynamic PowerPoint presentation in a pinch, make sure you have our handy Microsoft PowerPoint Tips & Tricks Guide to help you out, available for download below.

Download: Microsoft PowerPoint Tips and Tricks Guide

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