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7 Categories to Consider Before Choosing a Cloud Provider

Comparing AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

With so many features and services to consider, comparing these three cloud giants is complicated. Find out how Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud IaaS and PaaS platforms stack up in this head-to-head comparison.

We’ll cover seven categories to consider before choosing a cloud provider for your business.

Essential Elements of Leadership Excellence

How Senior Managers Can Use Wisdom and understanding to Lead Others

There are leaders and there are leaders of excellence! We can all lead by example in many ways - a leader creates vision for the future, motivates, inspires, influences, and coaches teams to effectively accomplish goals. Some may say that leaders of excellence bring the best elements of our world together. Leaders of excellence are grounded like the earth to serve others, use fire to ignite the passion of their team, and are cool as the wind to provide the calm in the storm.

“Leaders of excellence understand the importance of their teams and commit to serve them.”

How the Manager Role is Evolving


Good leaders are always thinking ahead, staying flexible enough to take on difficult problems as they arise. Managers must be aware of the constantly shifting nature of their roles, adapting to meet the demands of their organization and needs of their staff. By keeping an eye on the big picture as they develop both technical and soft skills over time, these professionals can help their companies thrive and grow.

5 Ways to Develop Your Leadership Voice

Leaders have been dealing with challenging, uncertain business conditions for decades. Today, it’s a near-constant state of change. Organizations are required to not only adapt, but also anticipate change, and leadership has to keep up.

Your voice is a powerful leadership tool that influences people’s perception, drives communication and helps you articulate your vision. Your voice punctuates your leadership style and directly affects your team’s faith in you.

But what does a strong leadership voice mean? And how can you cultivate yours?

6 Steps to Communicating Across Your Organization

Effective communication within an organization serves as the foundation for development and planning. It promotes the distribution of information, motivates, and encourages socializing. Without an established line of communication, your organization can suffer from misunderstandings and non-responsiveness that penetrate every level of operation. This issue is more than frustrating; it’s costly. Fortunately, there are 6 steps to help employees and managers effectively communicate to their teams and across their organizations.


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