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Our Rebrand Story

Our Rebrand Story

Our new brand celebrates a 40-year legacy of providing superior training and career development courses across the information technology ecosystem, while opening new training opportunities and methods well into the future. Our brand has evolved and will continue to evolve.

Today in the 21st century, we will leverage our superior brand recognition and will be known in the market simply as "New Horizons".

Since our founding in 1982, New Horizons has grown to become one of the world's largest independent IT and Career training companies across six continents and over 30 countries. 

Our name and brand from those early days, “New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, Inc.” identified what we do, as businesses required instruction for employees using personal computers for every part of daily operations.

Over the next four decades, we have pioneered many firsts with our IT training and career development courses helping our customers maintain a competitive advantage. Reskilling and upskilling workforces to keep relevant continues to accelerate as well as the choices of training providers. Certifications are displacing college degrees and digital technologies have unleashed a torrent of innovation that has disrupted almost every business and consumer category including training. As worldwide IT training demands have expanded beyond the use of personal computers, and the expectation of online and on-demand training methods have extended the offerings of our local learning centers, New Horizons has been a steadfast name in the training industry for decades. We are recognized for our authorized content and solid quality of instruction that delivers the tangible benefits both businesses and consumers demand.

Our New Tagline! - "Learn What Earns"

Whether you're trying to earn a new job, respect from your colleagues, or just the confidence to be able to perform your job better, New Horizons wants to help you achieve that goal. We want to invite our students to explore the many courses and certifications we offer that have the potential to bring their career, and salaries, to the next level.

However, it is an established fact that people who know more, earn more. At every stage of a career, from team member to manager, we believe there should be a course that can help people “Learn What Earns”.

Earn is not always's about earning respect, earning a reputation, earning confidence, earning trust, earning promotions, earning a living, and earning self-worth.

Our previous tag lines have done their job to establish what we do and who we are. Now it's time to move forward and use our brand to communicate the value we deliver to our current and potential customers. That's "Learn What Earns".

All this has been a lot of work and we’re excited to share our news with you. Tell us what you think! Do you like what we’ve done so far?


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