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New Horizons Announces Blockchain Training

Learn about how decentralized blockchain technology is increasing transparency and security across industries

2_360xWe at New Horizons Learning Group are excited to be announcing our partnership with the Blockchain Training Alliance to deliver cutting edge Blockchain training and certifications!

In the realm of cybersecurity training, the demand for Blockchain skills is growing at the second fastest rate of any IT skill set. Blockchain courses will help enterprise clients keep up with the demands of business and the speed of technology, and provide both employers and workers the proven benefits of Blockchain skills certification. Blockchain training courses will help guide your organization from an initial high-level overview of what blockchain is, to in-depth, hands-on courses in Ethereum or Hyperledger.

Ready to get started? View our Blockchain courses and find the right one for your tech needs, or speak to one of our experts.

Want to get a handle on how blockchain technology works first? Download the "Blockchain - The Future is Decentralized" white paper. This white paper explains how unconventional blockchain technology works and how it is already being used to pursue conventional ends. It illustrates how blockchain has brought new levels of efficiency and effectiveness to the fields of development aid, supply chain management, renewable energy, economic growth, and several others.



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