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Seven Guiding Principles of ITIL 4

ITIL 4 is a major overhaul to the entire framework and the biggest change since ITIL v3 was published in 2007. ITIL 4 offers a more agile, flexible and customizable version of ITIL that is updated for the modern workplace. ITIL 4 encourages less siloes, more collaboration, communication across the entire business and integrating Agile, DevOps, Lean, IT governance and leadership into ITSM strategies.

The guiding principles provide a comprehensive and holistic vision of how a service/service-management organization should manage
and execute its work. These principles include:

  1. Start Where You Are7 Guiding Principales of ITIL 4
  2. Keep it Simple and Practical
  3. Optimize and Automate
  4. Progress Iteratively with Feedback
  5. Collaborate and Promote Visibility
  6. Focus on Value
  7. Think and Work Holistically

To Download the Full Infographic for & Guiding Principles of ITIL 4 Click Here.

ITIL 4, the most anticipated update in ITIL history, is coming soon. New Horizons, as a Global Best Practice Strategic Partner with AXELOS, is on the leading edge of this evolutionary release. There is no better training provider to help you leverage all that ITIL 4 has to offer.

View upcoming ITIL 4 Training Options for ITIL® 4 Foundation course dates starting as early as March 11, 2019!

LinkedIn - ITIL 4 is Here

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