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Get LPTA on 8570 Certification Exams with NHDoD Test Pass Assurance

NHDoD Test Pass AssuranceWhen looking for the lowest price technically acceptable for meeting DoD 8570 certification requirements, you need to ensure that your team will pass their exams. If not, you could end up paying more for re-takes and extra training to stay compliant. Don't risk it. Get a free 2nd shot exam with NHDoD Test Pass Assurance (TPA).

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What is NHDoD Test Pass Assurance?

Simply put, in the event a candidate fails his/her first attempt on the corresponding certification exam, a candidate can earn a Free 2nd Shot exam.

What are the Requirements For Test Pass Assurance?

To qualify, the candidate must:

  • Students are sent Practice Exam two weeks prior to the class. They are to take the exam and provide the results.  
  • Students are then immediately Sent Courseware 1 week prior to class to prep.
  • They are required to send results back to NH before within one week prior to class.
  • Instructor now has pre class assessment to go to prepare for course audience
  • Pre Test on last day of class, measure pass rates to market later.
  • Students need to have spent 1 to 2 hours in the class labs / week and produce three (3) minimum score of 90% in each domain/category using the Transcender practice exam resource provided by New Horizons prior to taking the corresponding Certification Exam. The student must produce this minimum score while in “Certification Mode.” Students are required to email a screen shot while on the Transcender site showing the required score to their Account Representative.
  • Take a Practice Exam prior, and immediately after attending our New Horizons Learning Group open enrollment or private session Security+ class.
  • Take the exam within 90 days of completing the course. If candidate fails to take the Certification Exam within this 90 day period, the candidate forfeits his/her opportunity to earn test pass assurance.
  • If candidate has qualified for Test Pass Assurance, he/she must complete their retake within 30 days from the initial exam date.
  • If an Exam Voucher is included on this Agreement  and the Candidate fails to take the exam within 180 days from the date of this Agreement, he/she will forfeit the Exam Fee and will be required to purchase a new Exam Voucher upon scheduling the Exam.
Terms and Conditions:

FAQs - 8570 Certification Exams

The 8570 requirements can be confusing to know what you need to be successful in the military and after you return to the civilian workforce. Click here to read more about the DoD Directive 8570 certification requirements and training courses.

Once you've decided which certification and exam is best for you, there may be questions about how to study and pass the exam. Below are some of the most common questions about 8570 certification exams. 

If I fail an 8570 certification can I retake the exam?

Yes. The 8570.01 and 8570.01-M do not set a limit on the number of times a person may attempt to qualify for certification. Components must support at least one retest attempt, but may enforce a limit on the number of additional retests they will fund.

Ideally, you should make sure that you are fully prepared to take the exam and pass the first-time. This is where a good training course comes in.

If the individual's Component has set a limit on the number of retest attempts, an individual may take a subsequent test at their own expense. If they qualify for certification, then they would qualify to fill an IAT or IAM position (assuming they meet the other requirements such as background investigation, OJT, etc.). Remember, after CY 2010 a DoD military or civilian employee that has not completed the requirements and certifications outlined in the DoD 8570.01-M Manual is not authorized to fill an IAT or IAM billet (2011 for IASAE or CND SP).

Is Training a Requirement to Achieve any 8570 Certification?

You do not have to take a training course to sit a certification. However, you do have to prove you are prepared to take the exam and the DoD strongly encourages specialist exam preparation training.

Under DoD Directive 8570.01 and as specified in DoD 8570.01-M, you are not required to take specific training to prepare for the certification test. However, you should be able to demonstrate the ability to pass the test (e.g., take and pass a "pre-test" or assessment exam).

Your IAM may also require you sit a pre-exam or similar to prove your certification readiness. Unless you can satisfy your IAM of your readiness to pass the certification, they may not release the voucher needed to progress your certification process. Your IAM should verify that you are prepared to take the certification exam before authorizing you to request an exam voucher.

Can DoD use appropriated funds for military or civilian personnel to take commercial certification exams?

Yes. Chapter 101 of Title 10, United States Code has been amended to permit Services to use appropriated funds to pay for commercial certifications (tests) for uniformed personnel. The FY06 DoD Appropriations Bill gives uniformed personnel parity with civilians.

I Want More Information, Who Can I Contact?

For training classes see IAMIAT or contact your NHDoD specialist listed on
NHDoD Interactive Course Schedule - Click to Download

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