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Extending Your Sphere of Influence

Extending Your Sphere of InfluenceSo, what exactly is it to ‘influence’ someone and how do you tap into your personal power? It is the ability to affect the character, development, or behavior of someone or something. At the core of every individual is the ability to lead and influence others. Knowing how to utilize influence in everyday situations is crucial to gaining an understanding of others - it encourages openness and communication, builds goodwill, and is a key element to being a successful leader.

To extend your sphere of influence, it is important to recognize the foundation of influence. Influence and the art of persuasion date back to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle who defined the art of persuasion in three modes: pathos, ethos, logos. Pathos refers to the influencer’s ability to convey emotion, ethos is the personal character of the influencer, and logos is the intent to convey content and supportive logical reason. It is important to understand these elements of persuasion because influencing someone is a dynamic, multidimensional process.

What does it take to be a person of influence?

A person of influence is charismatic and self-aware, with an interpersonal skill set comprised of a high level of communication, reasoning, and relationship building. Influence is an essential skill for building & empowering teams and creating vision alignment. Influencing is a quality that, when used properly, encourages the development of successful teams in the workplace, creates an open dialogue between leader and employee, and increases trust. The ability to successfully influence others results in empathizing with others, engaging in actively listening, and developing a mindful approach to situational issues as they arise. Ultimately, the ability to influence is a powerful tool that can be utilized by anyone and everyone.

Influence is an essential skill for building & empowering teams and creating vision alignment.

To truly be a person of great influence, you must demonstrate five key principles: reciprocation, commitment, authority, social validation, and friendship. It is essential to understand how these principles play a critical role in relationships and in the workplace. Centered in reason, logic, and emotions, influence is the bridge that can form bonds between individuals. Honing your level of influence may help uncover personal power and help facilitate deeper connections.

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Are you ready to extend your sphere of influence?

In the Extending Your Sphere of Influence workshop, you will gain awareness of how to build workplace relationships, collaborate effectively, recognize personal power, explore the five principles of influence, and understand basic influential strategies. The workshop will also uncover baseline topics such as identifying the differences between manipulation and influence and how to detect when a person is being manipulative rather than influential.

Not only will you discover the elements of personal power and the art of persuading, you will also understand the methodology of influence. How exactly do you influence others and for what reasons? What is the end goal? The course addresses common misconceptions and practices of influence strategies and participants will be provided examples of how to appropriately navigate through the steps required to effectively influence through a series of interactive role-playing scenarios. You will learn to analyze and understand your options, understand the targets and their perspectives, deepen relationships, and develop a strategy to effectively influence for the common good. Find the next scheduled course date that fits your schedule.


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