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Essential Elements of Leadership Excellence

How Senior Managers Can Use Wisdom and understanding to Lead Others

Leadership Excellence 03There are leaders and there are leaders of excellence! We can all lead by example in many ways - a leader creates vision for the future, motivates, inspires, influences, and coaches teams to effectively accomplish goals. Some may say that leaders of excellence bring the best elements of our world together. Leaders of excellence are grounded like the earth to serve others, use fire to ignite the passion of their team, and are cool as the wind to provide the calm in the storm.

“Leaders of excellence understand the importance of their teams and commit to serve them.”

Moving the Earth to Serve OthersLeadership Excellence 01

Leaders of excellence understand the importance of their teams and commit to serve them. Leaders serving their teams? It’s not as a ludicrous of an idea as you might think! Leaders of excellence serve the needs of their employees, organization, and customers daily. Leaders of excellence know that without their teams, work would become stagnant and communities broken. By serving the needs of others, a person is willing to remove boundaries by engaging in active listening, validating others, and displaying sincere empathy. In doing so, teams are more willing to communicate and will convey ideas and issues that they are facing. With this demonstration of empathy, leaders have a thorough understanding of their teams and vice versa. By serving the needs of their teams, leaders of excellence can build strong relationships and group dynamics, instill values of trust and reliability, and allow for an openness in communication. This characteristic of servant leadership forms the earth or foundation for your team to grow and succeed. 

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Light the Fire Within

Leaders of excellence know how to put fires out as well as light fires within their teams. As paradoxical as this sounds, it is true - one does not exist without the other. To put fires or “problems” out a leader must know how to light their teams with the same energy and intensity, so they are ready to be the “solution” to the “problems” arising. Leaders of excellence motivate while providing guidance and inspiration to their teams so that when issues do arise their teams are encouraged and are equipped with the passion and energy to overcome obstacles and face challenging issues! Having this fired-up mentality allows individuals to perform at an optimal level, to see more clearly, and to be more engaging with their work as well as their communities.

Standing Calm During Windy Situations

Okay, so leaders of excellence are empathetic, collaborative, inspirational and engaging, but what about when things get drastic during a workplace storm-type situation? Well, leaders of excellence know how to place themselves and their teams in the eye of the storm by protecting them and creating a safe place until the storm passes. When workplace situational temperaments clash and climatic events arise between colleagues, leaders of excellence know when to step in and be the mediator to resolve conflict immediately. Leaders of excellence use the five strategies of conflict resolution to mitigate hostile situations by providing support and understanding to avoid further disruption to the workplace dynamic.

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