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Cisco Announced New Certification Paths Coming in 2020

Cisco platinum learning partnerCisco announced a significant evolution of their certification tracks, set to release February 24, 2020. These changes will address the needs of the modern network, requiring both infrastructure and software expertise.

This is Cisco’s biggest change to certifications in 25 years. New recommended training courses will be released in the coming months ahead of the new certification releases.

Here is the summary of changes for Cisco's new certification paths:

  • New DevNet track of certification across all levels
  • CCENT entry level cert is being retired
  • CCNA will be consolidated to one certification, requiring one exam
  • CCNP will have only five concentration areas, requiring TWO exams
  • Specialist Level is earned after the first exam in a CCNP track
  • CCIE will require 2 exams, the first being a CCNP exam, the other a CCIE lab exam
  • New courses will roll out over the next 6 months, aligned with the new certifications
  • Recertification requirement will now be every 3 years

View the New 2020 Cisco Certification Map


To learn more about upcoming Cisco 2020 Certification Changes, download our FAQ Guide here

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