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Will 2016 Be the Year of Cybersecurity?

There are few jobs as cool and as necessary as those within the cybersecurity realm. Professionals in this field are working on the cutting-edge of technology, using highly-refined computer based training to keep cybercriminals at bay. Working in cybersecurity is consistently challenging as hackers are constantly updating and changing their techniques in order to gain access to private data. 

LinkedIn Confirms IT Skills the Most Valuable in 2015

IT skills will fatten up your wallet

It's no secret that skills revolving around IT are extremely valuable in today's economy. Business simply cannot be done without computers and other technology, and as such, jobs that work with these systems are always in high demand. That's why it wasn't surprising when researchers from LinkedIn found that tech-based skills populated the 25 most sought-after skills of 2015 in the U.S. 

How Can Your Company Take Advantage of Free Budget for Training?

The State of California assists employers in strengthening their competitive edge by providing funds to off-set the costs of job skills training necessary to maintain high-performance workplaces.

With 98% of our clients utilizing skills gained in the classroom, this is a great way to get your employees trained in specific areas for little to zero cost to your business.  You can use these funds to train new hires, incumbent employees, and veterans.  New Horizons Learning Group has been approved by the State to deliver training through your business' contract. 

"Do All My Employees Need Training?"

Q&A from our clients for your training needs!

Training success is optimized when the “right” team members are receiving the “right” training. Focus your training efforts on the people who will benefit most by conducting a concerted needs assessment. Then, with data you can clearly demonstrate to management how the identified training need will deliver business benefits to the organization. More importantly, this is an opportunity to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness impact of the training by developing the appropriate employees in the specific skills needed. As the opportunities, markets, and competition keeps exponentially growing, so does the need to upgrade your employees. 

Reusing Slides in PowerPoint

Top 25 Instructor Ruth Romano shares her tips for reusing slides in PowerPoint

If you ever find yourself copying slides from another PowerPoint Presentation and pasting them into the one you are currently working on, you may feel like it requires delicate navigation skills. Many times I ended up copying or pasting the wrong slide(s). However, there is a “Reuse Slides” feature in PowerPoint. This easily fixes the problem of trying to navigate around multiple windows and avoiding a click in the wrong place.


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