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New Horizons Extends Global Partnership with Axelos

“New Horizons is proud to partner with such a distinguished organization as AXELOS”, explains Bryan Ochs, Vice President, Global Products and Programs for New Horizons. “This designation is a reflection of our strategic commitment to AXELOS to leverage the massive New Horizons footprint to place ourselves on the leading edge of bringing PRINCE2 and RESILIA to America. In addition, we will continue to drive through our over 300 worldwide centers the very successful ITIL portfolio and other new releases from AXELOS.”

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Top 4 Cybersecurity Certifications

Cybersecurity is incredibly important these days, especially to the business sector. With so many prominent names hitting the headlines after having customer information stolen, it's no surprise so many administrators are terrified at the thought of a data breach. This fear isn't unfounded, either. A study conducted by Centrify found that around 66 percent of customers in the U.S. would likely halt any interaction with a company that's officially been hacked. 

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