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New Horizons Announces Blockchain Training

Learn about how decentralized blockchain technology is increasing transparency and security across industries

We at New Horizons Learning Group are excited to be announcing our partnership with the Blockchain Training Alliance to deliver cutting edge Blockchain training and certifications!

10 Mobile Cybersecurity Threats according to Metova

Metova are the minds behind CyberCENTS cybersecurity training programs. Read on for a link to their full article as well as a quick rundown of their top 5 biggest mobile threats facing security professionals today.

Windows 10 April Update Rundown

Mr. Warren over at the Verge recently posted a great rundown on the current state of the April update for Windows 10. Read on for a link to that article as well as a summary of his main points.

The Increasing Importance of Lifelong Learning - According to the Economist

Reknowned "The Economist" recently highlighted the critical nature of continuous learning and job training when pursuing a sustainable career. 

PowerShell is Critical for Office 365 Admins - But Why?

Mr. Redmond over at Petri recently posted a great article on the core facts of PowerShell and why 365 Admins need it to get the job done right.


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