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DreamWorks Animation Utilizes The Red Hat Portfolio To Build A Private Cloud

A Case Study

Today, almost every DreamWorks Animation artists has Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop running on the latest HP workstation and nearly every DreamWorks Animation server is powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux technology running on the latest HP Servers. 

What is your mouse, in Excel, telling you?

Written by Top-Notch Instructor Drew Hamilton

One of the biggest struggles I notice with novice Microsoft Excel users is simply where to “click”. Instructions like, “Double Click the autofill handle” or “Click and drag between the rows,” may not be clear enough.

Six Things You Need to Know About Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Red Hat is becoming increasingly complex, but also increasingly useful for businesses. IT professionals need specialized proficiency in Red Hat to fully take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer. Getting Red Hat certification will not only make you more helpful to your company, it will also enhance your career prospects.

OneNote: An Underrated Program

Written by Skilled Application Instructor Patrick Galligan

What if someone told you there was a program that integrates with Outlook task lists, behaves as a file storage folder, has database functions, and looks like a notebook?  Well, there is. Welcome to OneNote by Microsoft!

Recapturing your GigaBytes

Written by Top Technical Instructor Bill Sullivan

Have you ever forgotten about throwing something away, then spent hours and hours looking for it forever after? That’s what deleting the c:\windows.old folder will do to your computer – that location is in the registry, and it looks for it if it’s not there, slowing down your computer at the oddest times.


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