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Are Your Ready for SDN and SD-WAN?


IT networking has changed dramatically over the past decade. For starters, many organizations have been able to divest themselves from on-premises network infrastructures and instead connect their most important applications and services to the public cloud. This switch has fueled tremendous growth for business cloud ecosystems such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, which can provide networking resources on-demand.

Navigating 4 Common Challenges in Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 has become one of the most widely used cloud computing services in recent years, buoyed by its familiar brand, numerous integrations and cross-platform compatibility. A report from Skyhigh Networks revealed that over 58 percent of sensitive data in the cloud was stored in Microsoft Office documents. Plus, this share was expected to increase in the years ahead due to the inclusion of 1TB of OneDrive storage with entry-level Office 365 subscriptions.

Is the IOT Secure Enough?

Few technologies have been able to achieve the massive societal revolution that the internet has. Both businesses and consumers have wholeheartedly adopted this innovation, and it's already started to reach every corner of modern life. Perhaps the best example of this is the Internet of Things, or the trend of giving everyday objects like light bulbs and refrigerators the ability to connect to the internet. 

What’s the Connection Between Cloud Computing and Virtualization?

When you think about cloud computing and virtualization, you might assume they are one and the same. Many people have this misconception about both of these technologies. However, while cloud computing and virtualization are related, they are different.

Microsoft Streamlines Technical Certifications


Microsoft Learning's General Manager Alison Cunard announced Microsoft is streamlining its technical certifications, aligning to industry-recognized areas of competence while providing flexibility to showcase your specific skills on Microsoft products and services.

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