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Cybersecurity Skills Gap: What Your Company Can Do

What is the cybersecurity skills gap and what can your company do about it? Certain ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic will be seared in our minds forever—supply chain disruptions, workforce shortages, and a major shift to virtual work and education. One major effect of the pandemic, though lesser known, is being felt by I.T. departments in thousands of businesses across the globe.

The threat of increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals is more imminent now than ever as the body of smart devices in the Internet of Things grows and as government agencies, healthcare giants, and academic institutions move to digital, work-from-home infrastructure, increasing their vulnerability to cyberattacks that could leave the private information of their employees, clients, and stakeholders exposed.

To add to the concern, there's a major skills gap in cybersecurity and it's only expected to grow. Experts predict 3.5 million job openings in cybersecurity by 2025. This cybersecurity skills gap is what prompted Microsoft to launch an international skilling campaign to help the world's businesses fight off ever-advanced cyberattacks. With increasing technical demands and a shortage of qualified workers, it's clear that the one thing organizations should do to stay ahead of cybersecurity threats is invest in high-quality training and certification programs. 

What Are The Benefits Of Employee Training?

Recent research shows evidence of something companies have known for a long time—employees benefit professionally and financially from company-funded employee training, but what are the benefits of employee training for the company? The same study also showed evidence of something there hasn't previously been much evidence of, that is the companies who fund this training also serve to benefit significantly from this investment. Companies that fund employee training see increased productivity and innovation from their employees. The benefits of employee training include a higher level of technical knowledge among staff and a higher standard of performance among employees. 

Your Next PowerPoint Presentation Made Quick and Easy

If you create PowerPoint presentations frequently in your role, you know that creating a presentation that's professional and engaging can take up a TON of time.

PowerPoint is no different from any other Microsoft program in that it has a whole "secret menu" of hacks that the average user doesn't know about or take advantage of. We've listed our top Microsoft PowerPoint hacks here.

Read on to save time making your next presentation clean, professional, and interesting to watch.


6 Excel Tricks That Will Save You Time

Whether you use Microsoft Excel all day for your staff accounting job or you only dust it off once in a while for data analysis, there are probably some time-saving tips and tricks you don't even know about. That's what makes using this complex software such an enriching experience, there are always ways to improve your skills and get work done faster.
The vast majority of users are not using Excel to its full potential. By really diving in and adding some hacks to your repertoire, you can advance your career and add immense value to your company.

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