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New Horizons Learning Group Celebrates First Five Scholarships in Las Vegas

World’s Largest IT Trainer Partners with Businesses to Give Career Certification to Las Vegas Youth

Las Vegas, NV: New Horizons Learning Group is proud to announce the first round of success stories stemming from its latest initiative: the Early Career Acceleration Program (ECAP). The result of this initial success sees five (5) IT scholarships completely funded for Las Vegas residents, age 18-26.

How To: Standardize Data in Microsoft Access

So, you’ve created a database in Access. It has been tested and it works. It was rolled out and people are using it. But something is wrong. When you or someone else use a query to analyze something or compile data, it just doesn’t quite pull up the results you want.

How To: Native Cropping in Adobe Illustrator

For years a designer had two choices for cropping images for use in Adobe Illustrator. First the images could be cropped using Photoshop first, then placed in Illustrator. Second, the designer could use clipping masks in Illustrator to “crop out” the unwanted areas. Those days are now past! Adobe has finally added native image cropping to Adobe Illustrator CC.

Learning and Performance Institute Rates CLD Program Excellent

Following a rigorous assessment by the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), the Center for Leadership and Development powered by New Horizons curriculum has been endorsed for the highest standards of excellence, commercial relevance and positive learner experience.

7 IT Roles Every Modern Company Needs to Stay Competitive

Your IT team is the backbone of your organization — keeping employees productive and information available. But IT roles are also some of the hardest jobs to fill.

From daily user support to complex systems integration, IT drives your business forward. And because technology changes constantly, you need well-equipped IT staff to meet the growing demands of a mobile-first consumer base and outpace the competition.

But how do you know which IT roles you need to stay competitive? 


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