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35th Anniversary Sweepstakes - First Winner's Trip to Australia!

New Horizons Australia hosted our first winner’s trip from our 35th Anniversary Sweepstakes. Our April winner, Erica Takoch of Pittsburgh, PA, packed her bags and went down under for a 5-day Project Management Bootcamp in Sydney, Australia. 

Equifax Aftermath and the Increasing Need for Cyber Security Heroes

On September 7th, Equifax, one of the three largest consumer credit agencies in the United States, admitted to a cyber-attack that (potentially) impacted up to 143 million customers. That is almost half of the entire United States population. This Equifax security breach is not only among the largest in US history but is also unquestionably serious in regards to crucial personal information being exposed. 

Introducing NH Anytime: Learn on Your Time, At Your Pace

While traditional, face-to-face classroom settings are still the widely used method of teaching today, eLearning has become more and more prevalent especially given the advances in mobile technology. Studies have shown that eLearning increases retention rates up to 60% when coupled with traditional face to face training.


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