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How To Create A Strong Password

We rely on internet-connected devices every day. From computers, to tablets, to phones, protecting your devices from hackers is a constant worry. The good news is you don’t have to know everything about Cybersecurity to prevent someone from getting your data. How do you protect yourself? Create a $Tr0ng_P@ssw0rd.

One of the first things a hacker will try to do to access your device is guess your password. They know most people tend to use things they are familiar with to create them. Your pet's name, the street you grew up on, an important date in your life. All of these are easy to find out bits of information that could give them access. Don’t think that’s possible? Consider those fun questions people ask on social media. What was the name of your first-grade teacher? What was the first car you ever owned? Who is your favorite band? If you've ever answered one of those copy and paste surveys and shared on your Facebook profile, you've opened yourself up to vulnerability. Even if you haven't done that, if you use social media you've likely posted about life events such as graduations, wedding days, or children. That is known as social engineering, and it is a serious threat. The answers you provided could be used to crack your password.


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