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IT Positions Dominate Most In-Demand Jobs for 2016

IT training is a great skill to have when looking for a job

Although most people know how valuable it is to have company IT training in the job market, CareerBuilder's list of the most in-demand jobs for 2016 shows just how important these skills are. The list determined each position's rank based on how many companies posted ads for the job, juxtaposed against how many people were hired in that field. Those jobs with more posting than positions filled received a higher spot on the list. 

As PRNewswire's article on the list shows, IT and technology-based jobs comprised a majority of the positions that are going to have the highest demand next year. The only field that even came close was health care. IT jobs being in higher demand than positions that literally save lives gives credence to just how vital computer based training is to the modern economy. 

Technology is everywhere

Although this list is certainly welcome news for those with corporate computer training, it probably isn't surprising considering how far technology's reach is in today's world. The Pew Research Center found in 2014 that 84 percent of American homes currently have a computer, showing that computer based training is simply a necessity in the job market these days. 

IT and technology-based positions didn't just dominate the list in terms of demand, they were also among the highest paid jobs. A Computer and Information Systems Manager made more money than any other job in the listing, commanding a median wage of $61.37 an hour. Calculated out to a 40-hour-per-week job, that's more than $127,000 annually. With an average gap of 21,758 between the number of posts and how many were hired, and the pay being before perks like the amazing bonuses and benefits IT workers generally receive, it's pretty clear that working in IT has some incredible opportunities for those with the initiative to acquire the skills. 

The first step is training

One of the main reasons so many IT jobs are currently unfilled is the fact that these positions require a high level of skill. Corporate technology is extremely advanced and it's only getting more complicated. Working in this field requires a lot of company IT training to gain the expertise necessary to work with complex and quickly evolving computer systems. A lot of people simply don't have the skills necessary for these kinds of positions.

Although that may seem discouraging, the low number of people with this expertise is really a huge bonus if you have the initiative to learn. Having skills and experience in areas a majority of the populace doesn't gives you a huge leg up when it comes to job interviews, and having received advanced computer based training will give you a level of job security you won't be able to find just about anywhere else. 

If you've ever thought about receiving company IT training, there has been no better time than now. These skills are in high demand, and the jobs that require them are generally very well compensated. If you want to take your career to the next level, make sure to check out the corporate computer training courses offered by New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Southern California 

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