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A Letter From Our CEO

To Our Students, Clients and Partners,  

First, let me start by saying I wish you, your family and your organization the very best during this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic. As my family welcomed our second grandchild last week, we experienced very real concerns related to our health, communities and impact of exposure across a network of loved ones. 

As a nation, we have experienced sickness, pandemic and fear spread through our communities, businesses and homes. We have seen urgent action taken by federal, state and local governments. I want to take a moment to speak to you directly, as an employee, business owner, father and fellow human.  

I am fortunate for my health, and the health of my employees and their families. I am fortunate for the landscape of our business and that we have the ability to service our students and clients in a remote delivery non-contact learning environment. I am fortunate for our clients, who have decided to continue to invest in their employees’ professional development while working remotely while their organizations have been  shut down. 

A year from now, we will look back at this time as a tremendous challenge we have overcome. We will recognize those individuals who worked swiftly and tirelessly to service our students as they transitioned from a traditional learning environment to OnlineLive®. We will look at our partners who collaborated to bring quick solutions, alternatives and content to our students and clients during this paradigm shift. We will appreciate our neighbors as we showed each other respect, comfort, empathy and support during this time. We will look back at you and thank you for your continued commitment to excellence.  

Today, we are learning how this will impact us tomorrow and for the foreseeable future. We open our communication avenues and our minds to each other to collaborate, share ideas and resources, and create a community that will thrive. During this time of information overload, media chaos and uncertainty, we are here to serve you.  Please let us know how we can help you in any way during this time.  

We look forward to the day soon when we can shake your hand and welcome you back to our brick and mortar training locations. Until then, we thank you for the opportunity to utilize technology to teach technology along with leadership and development and empower you to succeed through learning.  


Kevin Landry | CEO
KML Enterprises Career Development LLC | New Horizons Career Development Solutions | New Horizons Learning Group 
We Empower People to Succeed Through Learning
Locations in Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah

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How We Are Supporting You During This Time

New Horizons, in accordance with CDC, WHO, State, County and City guidance has closed our brick and mortar training locations for two weeks, beginning on Monday, March 23, 2020 through Friday, April 2, 2020.  We will be serving our students and clients remotely with OnlineLive® and eLearning training options. Our enrollment, training, operations and support teams are still available to assist you via phone, email or chat

Additionally, New Horizons has created a series of free webinars, resources and workshops for you and your organization to participate with during this time. The business model is constantly evolving. Training and managing remote workers and teams – a rarity just a few years ago – is now a common occurrence, especially since COVID-19.  Working virtually offers unique advantages and challenges as well as adjustments for new remote workers. View All COVID19 Resources Here


Kevin Landry

Kevin Landry

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